Valugard wants to remind you that just because you can’t see the rust today, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and working to destroy your vehicle.  Millennium Linings can protect the parts of your vehicle that are most-exposed to salt and road hazards with a NO DRILL RUSTPROOFING PROCESS.

It’s not wrong to want your vehicle looking great, and to want to keep it for 5, 10 even 20 years. Valugard is the leader in offering this with the NO DRILL/PLUG option. Using only factory holes for its Rust Inhibitor & Undercoating Processes.

Valugard - A reputation for protecting vehicles

Millennium Linings is the Midwest’s oldest Line-x Protective Coatings Dealer/Installer as a protective coatings company - and, only features the best protective coatings for all industries including the vehicle market.

Underbody Protection

before valugard coating

Rust Protection

before valugard coating

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