Retail Products for Home Use

Coat & Protect -- **Coats & protects NEW & OLD metals **Wear resistant corrosion protection **Heavy duty lubrication **Resists severe weather conditions
Rust Inhibitor -- **Protect NEW & OLD metals **Deep penetrating & long lasting **Lubricates and prevents seizing **A proven Canadian product since 1973
Rust Killer -- Stops rust from spreading and restores appearance.
Rust Converter -- Converts rust to a paintable primer on all metal surfaces.
Rust Killer -- **Rust inhibiting primer **Provides a primed surface for topcoats **Apply directly over rust **No sanding required
Freeze -- Powerful freezing penetrant.
Inner Panel Protectant -- **Penetrates into crevices **Prevents rust & corrosion **Protects seams & joints **Displaces moisture
Rust Converter -- Rust Check Rust Converter quickly converts rusted surfaces from all metals to a paintable primer.
Rust Inhibitor -- **Penetrates into crevices **Prevents rust & corrosion **Protects seams & joints **Displaces moisture
Coat & Protect -- Rust Check: Coat & Protect is a premium vehicle undercarriage protectant.

Millennium Linings features Rust Check Retail Products for Home Use.

Rust Check Aerosols can stop rust from spreading and restore appearance for metals both new and old.  Some versions of Rust Check require no sanding – even when applied over a rusted surface.  All are designed to prevent rust and corrosion and many have powerful anti-freezing and lubricating penetrants.

Proudly manufactured in Canada since 1973.

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