#298 Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube

Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube (#298) is a full synthetic smokeless chain lubricant formulated for use as a lubricant on all types of high temperature chains that are exposed to temperatures up to 450°F. It is blended from the finest high quality low evaporation synthetic base fluids available that provide the following performance characteristics: High Temp Oxidation & Thermal Stability Petroleum base chain lubricants have a tendency to oxidize into sludge and carbonaceous deposits and residues at elevated temperatures. These residues can block clearances, jam chain rollers and allow rapid wear to occur. Because of the Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube synthetic base fluid's closed molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced. Thus, carbon, varnish and sludge deposits formed due to high temperature operation are virtually eliminated. Low Volatility The low volatility of the synthetic base fluids used in Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube results in the elimination of the formation of dense obnoxious fumes at high temperatures and results in lower makeup requirements due to evaporation. High Viscosity Index This results in a minimum change in viscosity with temperature. The proper viscosity for proper chain lubrication is provided regardless of temperature. Excellent Lubricity The synthetic base fluids used in Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube provides the lubricant with outstanding load carrying capabilities, film strength, and anti-wear properties. This results in increased chain life. Reduced Fire Possibilities This is due to the Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube synthetic base fluid's low volatility and low carbon forming tendencies and their relatively high flash, fire and auto-ignition points. Energy Efficiency Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube's low volatility characteristics, low carbon forming tendencies and excellent lubricity result in a reduction of drag and friction on the chain mechanisms. This results in a significant reduction in starting loads and peak power demand, thus providing a realistic power cost savings. Combined with these synthetic base fluids is a highly specialized high temperature additive package that provides the Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube with the following special advantages:
  1. Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties for reduced chain drag.
  2. Exceptional rust and corrosion protection
  3. Demulsibility characteristics
  4. Rapid penetration of the Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube into the chain rollers, pins and sprockets.
Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube contains a proven friction reducer and anti-wear agent called Micron Moly®. Micron Moly® is a liquid soluble type moly that plates itself to the metal surfaces of the chain. Once plated, Micron Moly® forms an indestructible long lasting solid lubricant film that is capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 500,000 psi. This solid lubricant film will reduce friction between the pins, rollers, bushings and sprockets of the chain, thus allowing the life of the chain to double or even triple. Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube is recommended for high temperature applications where a high degree of cleanliness is required such as:
  1. Baking Oven Chains
  2. Tenter Frame Chains
  3. Paint and Ceramic Curing Ovens
  4. Drying Oven Chains
  5. Kiln Chains
  6. Drying and Finishing Chains
  7. Heat Treatment Chains
  8. High Temperature Tunnel Chains
  9. Chains for Fiber Optic Cables
  10. Lithographic Ovens
  11. Plywood Drying Ovens Lens
  12. Glass Forming Equipment
Packaging: #298 Smokeless Chain Lube ISO 220 is available in: 420 lb. drums 120 lb. kegs 040 lb pails # 200S     Product Name - Silver Streak® Special Multi-Lube download-msds-sheetdownload-td-sheet200S     Product Name - Silver Streak® Special Multi-Lube Spray download-msds-sheetdownload-td-sheet  

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