Supreme 9000™ 5W-50 Racing Oil

#9001 Supreme 9000™ 5W-50 Racing Oil

Supreme 9000™ Racing Oil 5W-50 is a premium quality, full synthetic heavy-duty multi-grade engine oil formulated to reduce friction and wear, increase engine efficiency, and extend engine life in all types of high performance gasoline engines and racing engines (including those that are turbocharged or supercharged). Supreme 9000™ Racing Oil is blended from a unique combination of polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely hydrocracked synthetic base fluids. Reduced Engine Wear Supreme 9000™ Racing Oil contains a highly advanced proprietary performance additive package and shear stability viscosity index improver along with two proven friction modifiers: Micron Moly® and Penetro®. These two friction modifiers plate the surfaces to prevent metal-to-metal contact resulting in:
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • A low coefficient of friction.
  • Significantly less bearing, ring, piston,
  • cylinder and valve train wear.
  • Increased engine efficiency.
  • Increased engine life.
  • Less down time.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
 Schaeffers racing oil 5W5-
For all types of gasoline engines including those that are turbocharged or supercharged.
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
 supreme 9000-racing
Schaeffer Surpreme 9000™ is used on Schaeffer's own entry into the racing car circuit, ole' 39.
Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Racing Oil 5W-50 is not recommended for use in those motorcycle and ATV applications that specify engine oil that meets JASO MA or MB. Use of #9001 in applications that specify JASO MA or MB oil can cause slippage and improper engagement of the clutch mechanisms. It's is also not recommended for use in 4-cycle marine engines that specify the use of a NMMA FC or FC-W 4-cycle engine oil.

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