Get ready for PC11

Performance, protection and PC11

To meet new diesel engine design and emissions regulations, oil may be changing in 2017, but we've been preparing since 1839. Formulating and testing. Reformulating and retesting. With the latest advances and proprietary additives proven to reduce friction and maximize durability, you can still count on Schaeffer's unmatched engine protection and fuel economy. The first API licensing for PC-11 will take effect in early 2017 with the new categories superseding the current API CJ-4 specifications. We're more than ready for the change so you are, too. To learn more, click here to contact us.

Changes to next-generation diesel engines include:

  • Engine downsizing
  • Downspeeding
  • Active oil temperature control
  • Advanced combustion design
  • Higher oil temperatures
  • Start/stop technology
  • Variable valve timing.

PC-11 categories

A new proposed API category, PC-11, has been introduced that improves the current CJ-4 specifications and helps OEMs and lubrication blenders meet federal regulations. PC-11A will be backwards compatible for older engines using higher viscosity High-Temperature High-Shear oils (HT/HS). API CJ-4 specifications will become CK-4. PC-11B will be designed for engines 2017 and newer requiring lower viscosity (thinner) HT/HS oils. PC-11B will become FA-4 and will not be backwards compatible.

PC-11 will address:

  • Improved oxidative stability
  • Increased resistance to aeration
  • Increased wear protection
  • Increased shear stability
  • Increased fuel economy.

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