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MILLENNIUM (LINE-X) Linings & Accessories is a Top 100 LINE-X Platinum Dealer and the original INDIANA LINE-X, or INDY LINE-X. Don't be fooled by others claims. Millennium has over two decades of history in the industry, and unlike most of our competitors has stuck to its roots, staying a Coatings company first. Millennium's Facilities include a special built state-of-the-art Hydraulic spray system. 1 of 3 built in the world, along with its electric high pressure spray systems. Additionally we have the largest polyuria spray booth in central Indiana, which is large enough to hold a full Semi-Trailer and more. Additionally, we have the most complete line of protective coatings around and spray more protective coatings in a week then most of our competitors spray in a month or longer. Millennium has been a pioneer in the industry, spraying color Polyuria, complete vehicles, specialty, industrial, and commercial projects when the rest of the industry was only focused on a bedliner. This is all because of Millennium's ownership Hutchek Enterprises which has been its driving force since its conception. Millennium has one of best trained and most experienced staff around. Including its CEO Jim Hutchek who brings to the company a BS Degree from Purdue in Aeronautics with a minor in Composites, Plastics, and Polymers along with Graduate courses in Plastics and Polymers. This along with his 30 years of experience is what helps make our staff what it is today.
Millennium has two convenient INDY locations:
Millennium (LINE-X) Linings & Accessories on Indy's Westside near Avon (317) 209-8000 (Largest Truck Gear Showroom in Central Indiana)
Millennium LINE-X South & Accessories on Indy's South Side in Greenwood (317) 807-2000
If you would like to learn more about our history please visit our about us page on our websites home page.

Our Locations

Millennium Line-X & Vehicle Accessories
905 N Raceway Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Monday - Friday - 9am - 6pm
Saturday - 8am - 12pm
Sunday - Closed
Indy Line-X West

Millennium Line-X & Vehicle Accessories South
494 US 31 North, Ste G
Greenwood, IN 46142

Monday - Friday - 9am - 6pm
Saturday - 8am - 12pm
Sunday - Closed
Indy Line-X South

Indy's Oldest Line-X Dealer

"We aren't the best because we are the oldest,
... we are the oldest because we are the BEST!"

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