Zone Series

The Zone --- top notch styling, value and versatility!

Jason Zone Series - Features

Bringing together three key components for an OVER THE TOP line of products–

  • Styling
  • Value
  • Versatility.

Zone Series LogoThe Jason Zone  offers you the handsome all-glass rear door with Jason’s exclusive oval twist handle and painted composite bottom skirt used in our high-end Cyber / Extreme models together with the side window configurations found with the Pace and Trek lines.

With our custom fit technology, the Zone looks right on your truck.

The Zone can be configured to agree with your needs via a host of standard and optional equipment. When you build your Zone, consider all the available options. For example check out the new ADVANTAGE PLUS Option Group - 6 Popular Options and one Great Price!

This premium line of truck caps exemplifies a spirited design that shows the passion we have for our products and our customers’ life style.

Jason Zone Series AdvantagePackage

Jason Zone Series - It looks Custom Made

Zone Logo Art WorkAt JASON, everything we manufacture is custom made. We realize how important it is for you to have the "LOOK" you want. Rest assured when you purchase a JASON cap it was built from start to finish with you in mind -- superior quality, exciting styles, carefully engineered and dependable.

The JASON ZONE  is superior in quality, exciting, carefully engineered and dependable.

It just does not get any better than this!



This cap also has rod holders, clothes rack and 12 volt power source. I asked for some additional photos of interior of unit showing these options. The rod holders actually have rods in them!

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