JASON CAPS – Rage Series

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Consider all the possibilities…..     

Appealing to the truck’s theme, the Jason design team used this as the epicenter for the Rage. The result is a distinctive Rage tonneau cover, as unique as the pickup truck it is intended for.

Rage Series Each Rage model is crafted to enhance the bodylines of your truck. No two Rage models are exactly the same.Check out the photo gallery, you will see what the Rage is all about.

The Rage Series takes tonneau cover design & function to the next level!

The Rage and Hugger share many of the same standard features such as:

  • Tooled articulating front hinge system that opens away from the truck cab and bed.
  • Carpet Lined Interior – Choice of Colors
  • Our “Clamp and Go” mounting system means there are no holes to drill in your truck.
  • With multiple adjusting points you get the best fit in the industry.
  • Seamless transition from the Rage to your truck is possible due to the monochromatic Trim-less Edge.
  • Jason’s oval twist lock handle with “Lock Guard” painted to match. The integrated automotive lock / latch system with an “easy open” gas prop lift system set the Rage Lite apart.
  • Rage Series 4x4 Ashland’s ISO-NPG lightweight lamination process means today’s Rage is lighter than most fiberglass tonneaus on the market. The Rage Lite is 35% lighter than its predecessors.
  • The wrap-over tailgate design promotes cargo security.
  • The Rage can be removed and reinstalled without the need of “refitting” it to your truck.
  • The Rage provides pickup truck owners a perfect way to protect and transport cargo.

With the Rage the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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