The big question is: Why LazerLite? LazerLite

Is it really: “How a Painted Cover Should Look”?

You decide:

The LazerLite Tonneau Cover is a great tonneau for any vehicle if you’re looking for a sleek, ultra-low profile tonneau cover that gives you optimum protection from intruders and the elements. The LazerLite tonneau cover is not only stylish, but affordable and dependable. It is “How a Painted Cover Should Look”    

Built Strong Every Time

The LazerLite tonneau is made of aluminum with geometrical structural reinforcement makes it stronger than most tonneau covers you can buy. Lightweight: The LazerLite is made of two sheets of aluminum, which makes it light-weight and easy for anyone to operate. Check out the Low Profile: When shopping around for a painted cover, nothing compares to the LazerLite. The slim design keeps the truck looking sleek & ultra-low. It is Paintable: The LazerLite tonneau ships painted the color of your choice. When you place your order, simply give us your paint code. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our tonneau experts. Maximum Security -- You Bet: The LazerLite locking system, working in conjunction with the trucks locking tailgate ensures maximum security for items in your truck bed. As a matter of fact: The bed of your truck will absolutely be more secure than the cab.   Bed Access – No Problem: The LazerLite tonneau is a sleek, low profile tonneau allowing you bed access simply by opening your tailgate. Most painted tonneau covers the tailgate; as such you open the tonneau first and then unlock and open your tailgate. Simple Installation: It takes about 45 minutes from start to finish for a complete install. Everything you need to install the LazerLite is included. 1 Year Limited Warranty: The LazerLite Tonneau cover comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The LazerLite Tonneau Cover is a great tonneau for any vehicle. On so many fronts, the Jason team is excited to bring this new product to you!

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